hey lux
design + illo + calligraphy

the xo project


handwritten notes are tangible, personal, and real

the xo project is DEDICATED to connectING humans THROUGH
the lost art of putting pen to paper, CRAFTING A MESSAGE the old fashion way,
AND the joy of receiving an unexpected envelope in the mail.

your message, calligraphed by me, mailed directly to them.

because you can't hold a text message in your hand

xo notes have delivered to mailboxes in anchorage, alice, austell, atlanta, bridgeport, benton, CHICAGO, centerville, carbondale, cleveland, DENVER, DECATUR, eugene, ellijay, elizabethtown, galloway, GRANBURY, honolulu, headland, JONESBORO, JOHNS CREEK, LEESVILLE, MABELTON, milton, mechanicsville, naples, north port, ocoee, oxon hill, pendergrass, ROSWELL, rochester, SANTA FE, SANTA CLARITA, snellville, SMYRNA, seattle, senoia, SAN DIEGO, statesboro, syracuse, tiverton, topeka, west hollywood, windsor, WOODSTOCK, AND CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY